Renault Special Deals for MMA Members

Special Deals for MMA Members

( Kindly note that MMA is not liable for any transaction between our fellow members and the vendors on our list of members’ benefits. Please clarify on the offer given with the vendor concerned. )


  • Purchase is OPEN for ALL Malaysia Medical Association Members/ Employees
  • Applicable for immediate family members and spouse of employees:
    i) Parents ii) Siblings iii) Children iv) Spouse
  • MMA confirmation letter is a MUST to proceed with the purchasing process
  • Any tax implication related to the purchase offer shall be borne by the respective
  • All employees can choose their preferred authorized Renault showroom to process
    the deal
Name                                                : Ms Smidha
Direct Line                                     : 03 – 4041 1375
Fax Line                                          : 03 – 4041 8187
Email                                                : [email protected]
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