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public notice template for clinic (outside the clinic)
public notice template for clinic (Inside the clinic)
Current advisory protocol in a GP setting
Current advisory protocol in a GP setting for all URTI (Treat at PUI-COVID-19 ) : URTI, T>38C
Provision of facilities and services screening and triaging Booth Related To COVID-19 in GP
Application of Private Medical Clinic (GENERAL) Provides Health Csreening Booth To Screening and Triaging related to COVID-19
Upcoming GP Updated
Upcoming GP Updated


Mar 26, 2020
COVID -19 Updates Sundaram Arulrhaj Hospitals Tuticorin

Mar 22, 2020
Webinar Session with General Practitioners on Covid 19

#podcast channel #Dr Suresh’s slides presentation
Medical Development Division, MOH in collaboration with Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) and
National Institute of Health hosted this webinar session with the aim to provide General Practitioners
with the current information and Infection Control Practice related to COVID-19 pandemic.
Feb 22, 2020
GP responding to COVID-19 outbreak

A short presentation regarding the necessary steps when dealing with a PUI suspect.
As the number of cases are getting higher, we have to strengthen our infection
control practices as well as hand hygiene. The public in general would need to
be taught on proper cough etiquette.


25 Mar  2020 Covid-19 death toll rises to 16 in Malaysia
25 Mar  2020 Frontliners doing superb job
24 Mar  2020 PRESS RELEASE: Commonwealth develops tracker to help countries monitor coronavirus
24 Mar  2020 Covid-19: Current situation in Malaysia (updated daily)
23 Mar  2020 Hiding info on exposure an offence
19 Mar  2020 Hospitals will be overwhelmed if MCO is not taken seriously, warns MMA
17 Mar  2020 Covid-19: Stop the stigma and stereotyping of coronavirus sufferers
16 Mar  2020 Other ministries must help Health Ministry combat spread of Covid-19, says MMA
14 Mar  2020 Sibu MMA proposes drastic measures to curb spread of Covid-19 in S’wak
12 Mar  2020 A tribute to medical staff handling the Covid-19 outbreak _ The Star Online
11 Mar  2020 Tackle rising healthcare costs and Covid-19, minister urged
11 Mar  2020 Covid-19: Incoming travel ban for Iran, Italy, South Korea effective Friday (March 13)
10 Mar  2020 Physician leaders issue plea to Turkey and Greece on border dispute
07 Mar  2020 Commonwealth gathering urges countries to make this ‘the decade of gender equality’
04 Mar  2020 World health professionals calling governments to prioritise support for healthcare workers in the front line against coronavirus
21 Feb 2020 Former Health Ministry official: Malaysia must be ready in case of local Covid-19 transmission
19 Feb 2020 china’s efforts in combating and curbing the COVID-19
14 Feb 2020 coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC)
11 Feb 2020 Coronavirus (COVID-19): evidence relevant to critical care
01 Feb 2020 MMA advises devotees to perform their vows earlier
31 Jan 2020 Panel formed to bring M’sians home
28 Jan 2020 Situasi Semasa Jangkitan 2019-nCOV Di Malaysia Dan Kesiapsiagaan KKM  Menghadapi Penularannya
27 Jan 2020 MMA: Stick to highest disease control standards
27 Jan 2020 MMA: Care for contract MOs
26 Jan 2020 All healthcare providers must maintain highest standard in infection control, says MMA
26 Jan 2020 Situasi Terkini Jangkitan Novel Coronavirus Di Malaysia
25 Jan 2020 Pengesanan Kes Baharu Yang Disahkan Dijangkiti 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Di Malaysia
24 Jan 2020 Tindakan Kkm Bagi Pengesanan Kontak (Contact Tracing) Kepada Kes Pertama Positif Novel Coronavirus Di Negara Singapura Pada 24 Januari 2020
23 Jan 2020 kemaskini Situasi Semasa Wabak Jangkitan 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)  Dan Status Kesiapsiagaan Bagi Menghadapi Potensi Penularannya Di Malaysia



Guidelines 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Management In Malaysia No. 5/2020 

Annex 1 : Case Definition
Annex 2 : Management of PUI
Annex 2a : Management of PUI Not Admitted
Annex 2b : Management of PUI Admitted
Annex 2c : Screening And Triaging
Annex 2d : Work Process Of Pre Hospital Care And Emergency And Trauma Department
Annex 2e : Clinical Management Of Confirmed Case
Annex 3 : Senarai Hospital For Confirmed COVID-19
Annex 4a : Agihan Makmal Yang Mengendalikan Sampel Klinikal Mengikut Lokasi Fasiliti Yang Menghanta
Annex 4b : Senarai Pegawai Untuk Dihubungi Untuk Penghantaran Sampel Di Luar Waktu Pejabat, Hujung Minggu Dan Cuti Umum
Annex 5a : Guidelines on Laboratory Testing For Novel Coronavirus For Patients Under Inevestigation
Annex 5b : Laboratory Testing For Inpatient
Annex 5c: Triple Layer Packaging
Annex 6a: Health Alert Card
Annex 6b: Mental Health Alert Card
Annex 7: Notification Form 
Annex 8 : The Infection Prevention And Control (IPC) Measures
Annex 9 : Management Of COVID-19 At Point Of Entry 
Appendix 1 :  Passenger Locator Form (as per WHO/ICAO) 
Appendix 2 : Report Of Measures Taken On Board The Flight 
Appendix 3 : Clerking Sheet Template At Malaysia Point Of Entry
Appendix 4 : Flow Chart For Screening Of Travellers And Crews Arriving From China At International Point Of Entry
Annex 10a : Home Assessment Tool dalam Bahasa Malaysia
Annex 10b : Home Assessment Tool dalam Bahasa Inggeris
Annex 10c : Self Assessment Tool For Students From China
Annex 11: Protocol For Ambulance Transfer For Patient Under Investigation (PUI) COVID-19
Annex 12 : Management Of Close Contacts of Confirmed Case
Annex 13 : Field Response Activity
Annex 14 : Order For Supervision And Observation At Home
Annex 15 : Borang Pemantauan Harian Bagi Kontak Rapat Kepada Kes Yang Berpotensi Dijangkiti 2019-Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Annex 16 : Borang Senarai Kontak rapat Kepada Kes Confirmed COVID-19
Annex 17 : Pelepasan Dari Menjalani Perintah Pengawasan Dan Pemerhatian Di Rumah Kediaman
Annex 18 : Borang Pemantauan Person Under Surveillance 
Annex 19 : Borang Senarai Person Under Surveillance 
Annex 20 : Interim Guideline For Handling Dead Bodies Of Suspected / Probable /Confirmed COVID-19 Death
Appendix 5 : Flow Chart on Dead Body Management of confirmed COVID-19 from Ward/ETD
Appendix 6 : Flow Chart on Dead Body Management of Suspected COVID-19 (BID) to Forensic
Annex 21 : Management of Healthcare Workers During COVID-19 Outbreak 
Annex 22 : COVID-19 Guidelines Surgical
Annex 23 : Guidelines COVID-19 Pregnancy
Annex 24 : Workflow And Workprocess Radiological
Annex 25 : Management Guidelines for Workplaces (New)
Annex 26 : COVID Guide for Social Distancing (New)

25 March 2020: No.5/2020 : Guidelines COVID-19 Management In Malaysia no.5/2020

26 February 2020: No.4/2020 :  Guidelines COVID-19 Management In Malaysia no.4/202

26 January 2020  : No. 2/2020 : Guidelines COVID-19 Management In Malaysia No. 2/2020



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