Aims, Objectives and Missions

The Objects of the Association are:

(i)   To promote and maintain the honour and interest of the profession of medicine in all its branches and in every one of its segments and help to sustain the professional standards of medical ethics.

(ii)  To serve as the vehicle of the integrated voice of the whole profession and all or each of its segments both in relation to its own special problems and in relation to educating and directing public opinion on the problems of public health as affecting the community at large.

(iii) To participate in the conduct of medical education, as may be appropriate.

(iv) To promote social, cultural and charitable activities in building a united Malaysian nation.

(v)  To participate in, or invest a portion of the Association’s funds in any entity, corporation, association, etc by way of joint venture, business partnership, commercial  arrangement,  transaction  and/or  any  legal  means  permitted which would be in the interest of the association, and beneficial to, and be advantageous, profitable or calculated directly or indirectly to enhance any or all of the Association’s fixed, current, liquid assets, properties, business, investments, commercial arrangements, and rights, provided always that they be not in conflict with the Code of Medical Ethics.


In the pursuit and furtherance of the Objects, the Association shall have the following powers:

(i)   To arrange periodical meetings of the members or any segment thereof.

(ii)  To  prepare  and  publish  scientific  papers,  journals  and  other  publications,  with the prior approval of the authority concerned.

(iii) To acquire property by purchase, build or lease or otherwise occupy premises, to deal with such property; to invest such liquid assets as it may have and in a proper case borrow as may be necessary.

(iv) To create a special account or accounts, payments from which shall be at the absolute discretion of the Council, to assist members of the Association or their dependents, provided that no mutual benefit activities as defined under Section 2 of the Societies Act 1966 may be carried out by the Association.

(v)  To collect or otherwise acquire sums of money for educational, scientific and charitable purposes and to establish, manage and maintain a Foundation Fund for such purposes.


  • That physician has a unique responsibility for the health of society, derived from their ancient duty to protect life and preserve health.
  • That Medicine cannot be insular, self-seeking, self- protective / defensive but must be an integral part of a caring society.
  • Those social and economic factors are important determinants of health, and that current global trends point to impending environmental degradation which will threaten human health and survival.
  • That the advancing frontiers of medicine and the values of our modern technological age present unprecedented ethical and moral dilemmas for physicians.
  • And that modern technological medicine and rising public expectations contribute to escalating health care costs.


DECLARES its commitment to the highest possible professional and ethical standards of health care,

EMBRACES the principles of social justice and compassion for all and enjoins all physicians to be sensitive and responsive to the health needs of all,

RECOGNISES its educational role in influencing health policies in the community, including the prevention of disease, promotion of healthy lifestyles, protection of the environment and personal responsibility for health,

REAFFIRMS the need for physicians to retain their autonomy and professional integrity with renewed ideals and ethics,

AND RESOLVES to make health care more rational, equitable and affordable, in a system compatible with equal access to quality health care, based on need,

SO THAT IT MAY STAND FIRM AND RESOLUTE in responding appropriately to the challenges ahead and in fulfilling its responsibilities to the medical profession and society.