Press Statement

06 Aug 2018 – MMA National health insurance scheme must be for all Malaysians]

KUALA LUMPUR, August 6 — The Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) today urged the government to think through the formulation of the proposed insurance protection scheme, and to ensure a compulsory social health insurance for all. In a statement today, its president Dr Mohamed Namazie Ibrahim said the compulsory social health insurance scheme should be in […]

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04 Aug 2018 – MMA calls for enactment of Sexual Harassment Act

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) has urged the government to enact the Sexual Harassment Act as quickly as possible to punish perpetrators of sexual harassment in the work place. Referring to a news report on the alleged incidents of housemen being bullied by their seniors and sexual harassment at a government hospital, MMA […]

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29 Jul 2018 – Complainant confidentiality must be ensured, says MMA

PETALING JAYA: Confidentiality should be ensured when addressing complaints from house ofcers and junior doctors, says the Malaysian Medical Association. MMA president Dr Mohamed Namazie Ibrahim (pic) said the housemen and junior of􀃗cers might not air grievances in the pre sence of others as they feared repercussions. Dr Mohamed was commenting on Health Minister Dr […]

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