Why Join MMA?


The Malaysian Medical Association is the largest association that represents all doctors in our country. It was established in 1959 and currently, we have 10,000 members. The aim of joining is to stay united and undivided and be represented as a single voice…..a doctor’s voice!!
Being a doctor, you are privileged and entitled to be a member of this esteemed organisation.
Our Objectives are:
(i) To promote and maintain the honour and interest of the profession of medicine in all its branches and every segment and help continue and maintain the professional standards of medical ethics.
(ii)  To serve as the vehicle of the integrated voice of the medical profession and every segment in relevance and relation to special predicaments and educating and directing public opinion on problems of public health affecting the community at large.
(iii) To participate in the conduct of medical education, as may be appropriate.
(iv) To promote social, cultural and charitable activities in building a united Malaysian nation.
(v)  To participate in or invest a portion of the Association’s funds as stipulated in the constitution and not conflict with the Code of Medical Ethics. Enjoy the benefits and be aware of what’s happening to your profession.

The list of benefits is endless……

1. MMA-Docquity 

An Exclusive Doctor’s only Professional Network Application for MMA members. This  application will enable MMA members to connect professionally and collaborate with trusted peers.
Upon installation of the docquity application on your mobile devices, start having a private & secure real time discussion of anything to any individual, colleagues, or even groups on the private & secure platform.

2. Berita MMA

Receive a free copy of the Berita MMA monthly to keep you informed of the latest news concerning doctors in Malaysia and latest information on upcoming social and academic events. Articles with photographs are welcomed from members and letters to the Editor. E-Berita is available on the MMA website.


3. The Medical Journal of Malaysia

MJM is available to every doctor online. For those who require a hard copy may request for one from the secretariat.

4. Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Those working in Government service are eligible for unrecorded leave. During the AGM many important issues are discussed. It is a place for fellowship and meeting new and old friends, attend banquets with lots of fun and laughter. Spouses and children are welcome who will be entertained with several programmes made available to them.


5. Income Tax Rebate

The annual subscription is income tax deductible. 

6. Free Access to CPD Online Modules 

MMA has made CPD online modules available for members at no cost which can be used for renewal of Annual Practicing Certificates.



7. Invitations to Attend CPD

Members will receive invitations to all the CPD programs organized by MMA and branches including seminars and conferences.

 8. CPD Points System – Annual Practicing Certificate & MMA Mobile Apps
CPD Points are necessary for the renewal of the Annual Practicing Certificate. MMA has made available the provision of the MMA Mobile Apps to be used for CPD points accumulation. It is easy to use and CPD points can be viewed in real time. It is available at no cost. 
9. Insurance 

MMA has endorsed two indemnity providers namely The Medical Protection Society (MPS) and Medical Practitioners Indemnity (MPI). The services for application or renewal may be done at the MMA office.


10. Accommodation

Short term accommodation at very reasonable rates in newly refurbished rooms are available at the MMA House (just opposite General Hospital Kuala Lumpur).

11.Special Rates for Hotels in Malaysia
Special rates are available for members of MMA. The special rates are available for selected hotels. Please refer to the membership privileges on the MMA website at www.mma.org.my. 
12. Special Deals for Selected New Vehicles

Purchase brand new vehicles like BMW / MERCEDES BENZ / AUDI   / selected brands of NAZA at a discounted price only available for members.  Please refer to the membership privileges on the MMA website to view the Terms and Conditions.