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The Future of Healthcare Service in Malaysia

health is Man’s Most precious possesion for without good health, life itself is much
less worth living.The cost in human misery as a consequence of bad health is incalculable.
Health Care is universally considered a right of citizens, placed be-young the need for economic justification



1995 – The History of MMA: The First 35 Years (1960-1995)1979 – Directory of Medical Practitioners, Malaysia

1989 – Report on A Study on the Current Health Care Delivery System in the Estates and Plantations in Peninsular Malaysia

1996 – Report on the Seminar on the Future of Health Services in Malaysia, 19-20 October 1996

1998 – 3rd Edition of MMA Schedule Fees

1999 – Medicine – Facts for the Layman

1999 – Health for All – Reforming Health Care in Malaysia

2002 – 4th Edition of MMA Schedule of Fees

2006 – Guide to Join Medical Colleges Local & Overseas

2009 – Book on Occupational Health for Health Care Professionals – Caring for Carers

2009 – Case Studies in Medical Ethics

2015 – MMA Fifty Five Years (1959-2014)