Medical Journal of Malaysia (MJM)


Published since 1890 this journal originated as the Journal of the Straits Medical Association. With the formation of the Malaysian Medical Association (MMA), the Journal became the official organ, supervised by an editorial board. Some of the early Hon. Editors were Mr. H.M. McGladdery (1960 – 1964), Dr. A.A. Sandosham (1965 – 1977), Prof. Paul C.Y. Chen (1977 – 1987), N.Chandrasekharan (1987-1990), V K E Lim (1990-1998), J T Arokiasamy (1998-2008), Azhar M Zain (2008-2011), K G Lim (2011-2012), and the current Editor in Chief is Prof. Datuk Dr. Lekhraj Rampal (2013-present).

It is a scientific journal, published quarterly and can be found in medical libraries in many parts of the world. The Journal also enjoys the status of being listed in the Index Medicus, the internationally accepted reference index of medical journals. The editorial columns often reflect the Association’s views and attitudes towards medical problems in the country.

The MJM aims to be a peer reviewed scientific journal of the highest quality. We want to ensure that whatever data is published is true and any opinion expressed important to medical science. We believe being Malaysian is our unique niche; our priority will be for scientific knowledge about diseases found in Malaysia and for the practice of medicine in Malaysia. The MJM will archive knowledge about the changing pattern of human diseases and our endeavours to overcome them. It will also document how medicine develops as a profession in the nation. We will communicate and co-operate with other scientific journals in Malaysia.

We seek articles that are of educational value to doctors. We will consider all unsolicited articles submitted to the journal and will commission distinguished Malaysians to write relevant review articles. We want to help doctors make better decisions and be good at judging the value of scientific data. We want to help doctors write better, to be articulate and precise.

In summary, the mission of the Medical Journal of Malaysia is summed up in its name. We will journal the development of medicine in Malaysia.