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The membership of the Association shall consist of the following categories:-

(1) Honorary Membership

The Association may confer Honorary Membership on those persons who, whether or not registered in the Medical Register, have done exceptional work in the fields of Medicine and allied sciences or have rendered meritorious service in the cause of Medicine and associated sciences or to this Association.

(2) Life Membership

Life Membership of the Association shall be opened to Ordinary Members who in place of annual subscription to the Association, shall have contributed to the Capital of the MMA Special Savings (Life Investment) Fund established by the Association, an amount determined by the Annual General Meeting from time to time. The annual income, generated by investment of the Accumulated Capital contributions of each member to the Fund shall be irrevocably assigned in perpetuity by the contributor to the Council of the Association to disburse as it deems fit.

(3) Ordinary Membership

Ordinary Membership shall be opened to every medical practitioner whether registered or provisionally registered or conditionally registered in the Register kept by the Registrar of Medical Practitioners and those terms shall have the meaning assigned to them by the Medical Registration Ordinance currently in force.

(4) Overseas Membership

Overseas Membership shall be opened to a registered medical practitioner whose permanent residence is outside Malaysia.

(5) Associate Membership

Associate Membership shall be opened to para-Medical Personnel who being qualified in their respective profession legally practice in Malaysia.

(6) Student Membership

Student Membership shall be opened to:

(i) Registered medical students who are citizens of Malaysia and who are undergraduates in any medical school recognized by the Malaysian Medical Council; and/or

(ii) Registered foreign medical students who are undergraduates in any medical school in Malaysia recognized by the Malaysian Medical Council provided that no local University or University College student shall be admitted as a member without the prior written approval of the Vice-Chancellor concerned.

(7) Exempt Membership

Exempt Membership shall be open to medical practitioners who have been Ordinary Members in good standing of at least 20 years and have attained the age of 65 years.

(8) Privilege of Membership

(i) The privilege of membership is the participation in all activities arranged or organized by the Association including:

(a) The Council and its committees;
(b) The Branch and its Sub-committees; and/or
(c) Sections, Societies and its Sub-committees;

(ii) Honorary, Associate, Student and Overseas members will enjoy all the privileges of Ordinary/Life and Exempt membership except that of voting or of holding office in the Council and Branch Committees of the Association.

(iii) All members of the Council and officers of the Association including Branches, Sections, Societies, Committees and Representatives to Government and Non-Governmental Organizations shall be Malaysian citizens.



(1) Termination of membership shall take place in any one or more of the following ways:

(i) By clear intention expressed in writing to resign membership for whatever cause.

(ii) Automatically on the 31st December of the year when the annual membership subscription falls into arrears if the annual membership subscription of the member is still in arrears.

(iii) Automatically on the day the name of the member is removed from the Medical Register maintained by the Malaysian Medical Council.

(iv) By expulsion by the Association acting in accordance with the procedure prescribed by the Code of Ethics and Rules of the Ethics Committee prescribed by the Association and binding on all members.

(2) Provided however:

(i) Termination or Resignation shall not affect any liability to pay the subscription due and payable as on the date of such termination.

(ii) The Council may in its absolute discretion restore membership terminated under Clause 5 (1) (ii) above upon being satisfied that there were good reasons for the subscription having fallen into arrears, and a tender of all such arrears having been made.

(iii) In the event of the member being restored to the Register of the Association by the Council he/she shall automatically resume such membership subject to payment of all subscriptions and debts due and payable to the Association.


(a) Two (2) years after a member has had his membership of the Association terminated under Clause 5 (1) (iii) and (iv) and Clause 5 (3) and Clause 29, the member may apply to the Council for reinstatement and restoration of his/her membership privileges and make a case for this in writing.

(b) The Council after studying the member’s representations and interviewing the member may restore his/her membership or reject his/her application without assigning any reason.

(c) The member may appeal against the decision of the Council to a Special General Meeting or the Annual General Meeting to reinstate him/her and the decision of the General Meeting shall be final.

(v) All membership subscriptions already paid shall not be refundable on termination of membership.

(3) The Executive Committee and the Investigating Committee shall conduct disciplinary inquiries as provided under Clause 29.



(1) Entrance Fees

The rate of annual subscriptions payable shall be in accordance with Clause 6 (3).

(2) Subscriptions

(i) The Annual General Meeting on the recommendation of Council shall determine from time to time the rate of annual subscriptions payable by all categories of members except Honorary Members subject to the prior approval of the Registrar of Societies.

(ii) The subscriptions shall become due and payable on 1st January of each year without any notice from the Association and shall become an undischarged debt due to the Association on the 30th June of the same year.

(iii) If any member shall fail to pay subscription for any year and this failure shall continue to persist on the 30th June of that year, that member shall cease to enjoy all the benefits and privileges available to or enjoyed by members in benefit immediately (and shall not be eligible to attend or vote at any general meeting of the Association) and if such member shall:

(a) continue to fail to settle the subscription in arrears for that year when it fell due and the subscription in arrears remain outstanding on the 31st of December of that year, he/she shall automatically cease to be a member of the Association SUBJECT TO Clause 5 (1) (ii); or

(b) settle the subscription in arrears for that year when it fell due before the 31st December of that year, all benefits and privileges available to or enjoyed by members in benefit shall be immediately restored and for avoidance of doubt, in such an event, the period of the membership of such member shall not be taken to have been broken by virtue of the cessation of his/her membership prior to his/her settlement of the subscription in arrears within that same year when it fell due.

(iv) A member in benefit is a member who is not in arrears of subscriptions for more than six (6) months.

(3) Rate of Annual Subscriptions

The rate of annual subscriptions payable by each category of membership shall be:

(i) Ordinary Members
RM 250.00 per annum

(ii) Overseas Members
RM 500.00 per annum

(iii) Associate Members
RM 250.00 per annum

(iv) Student Members
RM 50.00 per annum

(v) Joint Members
Spouses of members will pay half of the membership fees in any category specified in Clause 6 (3) (except student members).

(4) Reduction of Subscriptions

The Council may reduce annual subscriptions for members as follows:

(i) RM 150.00 for all registered Medical Practitioners in the first 10 years of practice.

(ii) New members in any category of membership specified in Clause 6 (3) (except student members) enrolled in the period 1st July to 31st December, the membership fee will be halved for that particular year.

(5) Life Membership Contributions

(i) An Ordinary Member can become a Life Member upon paying RM 2,500.00 to the capital of the Special Life Investment Fund to be eligible for election by Council as a Life Member. Clause 4 (2) refers.

(ii) An Ordinary Member who is a spouse of a Life Member shall contribute half of RM 2,500.00 to qualify for Life Membership.

(iii) A House Officer in the first 2 years of government service who is an ordinary member can become a life member upon paying RM 1,500 to the capital of the Special Life Investment Fund to be eligible for election by Council as a Life Member. Clause 4 (2) refers.

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