Frequently Asked Questions


Kindly email the following details to our IT team [email protected] :

  1. IC number
  2. Full name
  3. Contact number
  4. Email and mobile app password.

All doctors can download the MMA mobile app FOC and register their personal information for verification. MMA website has the step by step guideline at: In case doctor does not have a hand-phone, below are the admin fee for printing for both members and non-members:


  1. MMA Member first time request is FOC.
  2. Second request onwards: Admin fee is RM10. Email to CPD team: Reason/Subject header- unable to download certificate. IC number, full name and contact
  3. Non-Member admin fee is RM10. Email to CPD team: Reason/ Subject header - unable to download certificate. IC number, full name and contact number. number.

Email to CPD team; Provider’s organisation name, person in charge, contact number, reason of password forgot/changes.

Providers should email the CPD Team and request the person in charge’s contact.

Guideline and online registration can be done via MMA Website at:

CPD Provider is responsible to record and maintain the attendance of the participants and speakers at their accredited CPD events. To avoid delay, please proceed to contact the Provider/ Organiser directly. Contact details of the event organiser can be searched by the event title via the MMA Mobile App. Once the attendance record has been updated by the CPD Provider, proceed to refresh the MMA Mobile App (MMA Events) to view the updated CPD points via the MMA CPD Mobile App.


Please note before attending CPD events held in Malaysia, make sure it is organised by registered MMA CPD providers and the events have been approved under the online MMA CPD system; approved events are advertised on the MMA CPD Mobile Application (MMA Events).


In case the CPD activity held in Malaysia is not listed in the MMA Mobile App, MMA cannot award the CPD Points as the CPD Provider/organiser did not apply and request for CPD points to be awarded under the MMA CPD System.

CPD applications need to be submitted 60 days before the event date and processing the event will take up to 30 days. CPD documents need to be reviewed by the CPD committee first before CPD points can be awarded.

Contact the MMA branches based on the event state location.

If the participant has called the provider several times to update his or her attendance, and CPD points have still not been accredited; the participant can email their queries/complaints to the CPD team. Please also include the following information in the email:

  1. IC number
  2. Attendance certificate
  3. Contact number

Government doctors: Can view their accumulated CPD points in the MMA mobile app under accumulative CPD points - "points sent to myCPD" , further breakdown of the CPD points can be verified under the myCPD portal or contact myCPD at [email protected]/ 03-88831457 for further clarification(s).


Private sector doctors: the doctor needs to change the employment status to Private via the MMA mobile app under “edit profile” and inform myCPD to update the status to Private. Any issue with the MMA mobile app, kindly contact the MMA IT Officers at [email protected] / [email protected] or call 03-4041 1375.


During the APC application process, please proceed to register via the online MMC MERITS System at which will extract the overall CPD points from both the myCPD system and MMA CPD system in order to renew the APC. For further clarification(s), please contact MMC MERITS at [email protected].

Check if the doctor is government or private sector? Refer to answer number 11.

Attendance record - More than 10 doctors, email the MMA attendance excel sheet to the CPD team. Less than 10 doctors, kindly refer to the steps below:

  1. Login to the online MMA CPD system.
  2. Click on “past events”.
  3. Then click the event “attendance”.
  4. Next click on “Mark Attendance”.
  5. Key in the required details and click “Save”.
  6. Finally, go to “Delegate Attendance” and search the participant IC number or name to check the submitted record.

Kindly send your appeal in writing to the MMC at [email protected] or contact MMC.

Proceed to contact MMC directly to renew APC 2020. Contact: +(60)3-26912171

As per MMC’s ruling, 20 CPD POINTS is compulsory and mandatory for the renewal of Doctors APC. Furthermore, due to the MCO, MMA has approved many upcoming online Webinars and online modules, most of the online activities are free of charge. Doctors shall proceed to download the MMA mobile app to attend online webinars or online modules via laptop or hand-phone to accrue the 20 CPD points for APC 2021. These activities can be accessed anytime and anywhere.


Download MMA Mobile App for FREE: Online modules:

Download the MMA mobile app. Click on manual submission to submit the agenda and attendance certificate for review. This process would take within 30 days to complete. Update, status and feedback can be checked via the MMA mobile app after submission.

Click the following to view the query:

  1. Open the MMA mobile app
  2. Events
  3. Manual Submission
  4. Event title
  5. Reply

If doctor is still unable to view, screenshot the issue and email it to the CPD team.

Email to CPD team to request the required document details.

Registered and approved MMA CPD providers shall proceed to submit their request via the MMA CPD system. Videos need to be converted to PDF and uploaded via the MMA CPD system under additional documents. No admin fee is involved.

Login to the MMA CPD System and check the event ID code. Email the following to CPD team:

Event ID code and Reason to inactivate/ activate /delete.

Contact MMC or check the MMC website -

Approved online modules are listed on the MMA mobile app and MMA website:

Clear the browser history and key-in https in front of the web link. email IT in case the issue persists.

Request Provider to screenshot the error words highlighted in red, provide contact number and email it to the CPD team.

Email the above details to the IT team.

Email event code details to the CPD team.

Login and amend the date as stated in the steps below:

  1. Login to the MMA CPD System Provider account.
  2. Search Event ID CODE in approved events folder or past events folder..
  3. Click Edit Event.
  4. Select the Event End Date first, next select the Event Start Date.
  5. Scroll down and click Save.

Login MMA CPD provider system and check under pending for review or approved application. Process would take within 30 days.

If the organization email is under Gov, request the person in charge to refer to their internal IT to unblock the email sent by MMA OR change the email and check the inbox. Email link will expire within 15 minutes. For further clarifications, please email the MMA IT team at [email protected].

Applications under ‘Pending review’ and ‘Approved events’ - NO further amendments can be made. The provider can only change the of the event, should there be a postponement due to unseen circumstances. The date can be changed by the Provider after approval is obtained via the MMA CPD system.

Points are available via the MMA website at OR the MMA CPD Provider welcome page.

For Online modules linked with MMA CPD system, the CPD points can checked via the myCPD portal for government doctors and private sector doctors should change the employment status on the app. Please contact the IT team should the issue persists .

CPD points are not compulsory for APC application of 2017, 2018 and 2019. As for the year 2020 onwards, it is compulsory to have at least 20 CPD points for APC application; these points must be accumulated from 1st July 20xx to 30th June 20xx. Please note that no CPD Points will be issued prior to 30th June 2018.


MPS is the world’s leading medical defence organisation, putting members first by providing professional support and expert medicolegal advice throughout their careers. MPS has been helping doctors who find themselves in medicolegal difficulties since 1892. We are here to help and support members when they need it. We work only for the benefit of our members, and have no external commercial or shareholder interests to distract us.

(a) Clinical Negligence
You can request indemnity for clinical negligence claims (not applicable to public or employer indemnity) and Good Samaritan acts worldwide.

(b) Advice and Legal Representation
You can request advice and legal representation for coroner’s inquests, disciplinary and regulatory proceedings and criminal investigations related to your professional practice.

(c) Complaints support
Talk to us about how to respond to and resolve patient complaints.

(d) Medicolegal advice
Contact us for medicolegal advice, including out of hours emergency support 24/7.

(e) Expert legal team
Access to dedicated expert legal team, which may include clinical negligence solicitors, medicolegal consultants and professional claims managers.

(f) Professional development workshops and online courses
CEU verified workshops and online seminars to develop your communication and risk management skills.

(g) Risk management resources
Access to online publications and case reports.

(h) Confidential counselling service
Access to our confidential counselling service to support you through a stressful case or claim.

(i) Help with unwanted media attention
Expert support including preparing statements and responding to the media on your behalf.

You may telephone 03-40411375 ext 123 or email MMA at [email protected] to get the contact details of the panel medicolegal lawyers.

You are eligible under MPS’s occurrence-based protection scheme. You can seek assistance for any complaint or claim arising from an adverse incident that took place during your membership tenure with MPS; even if it is brought to light years later, or if you have long since left MPS.

The subscription rates are based on specific grades according to your specialty and scope of practice. You may contact MMA via telephone 03-40411375 ext 123 or email us at [email protected] to enquire about the subscription.

For students, you may access to this weblink to access the application form and apply online.

For medical doctors or specialists, you may access this weblink to access the application form. The application form can be submitted to MMA by post, fax at 03-40418187 or email us at [email protected].


The approval of the MPS application will take within 7 working days.

The payment can be made either by cash, cheque or online bank transfer. Kindly email your queries to [email protected].

The certificate will be issued to you within the same day once MMA receives the proof of payment.

You may access to this weblink to access the renewal form. The renewal form and proof of payment can be submitted to MMA by post, fax at 03-40418187 or email us at [email protected].

The 2021 renewal subscription will be available by August 2020. By that month, you will receive the renewal reminder by email to allow you to renew your MPS membership for the year 2021.

You may contact us at MMA via telephone 03-40411375 ext 123 or email us at [email protected].


The Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) is the largest medical association in Malaysia representing all registered medical practitioners and medical students in our country. It was established in 1959 and currently, we have 14,000 members. The aim of membership is to stay united and undivided and be represented as a single voice.

You can register online via MMA’s Website and click Join Now! or click Upgrade to member through MMA mobile app. You can also fill up the membership registration form in the website and submit to MMA House or the nearest MMA branch.

Must be fully registered or provisionally registered or conditionally registered in the Register kept by the Registrar of Medical Practitioners.

For more details, kindly click

The process and approval will take approximately two weeks and you will be notified via email.

You can login into or through MMA mobile app to check your status.

Members will receive online receipts through email once payment has been made and you can also login into and click on My Payments to retrieve your official receipt.

No physical cards will be sent out. Members can access their e-cards on the MMA mobile app.

You can login into or MMA mobile app and click make payments to renew your membership online.

You can update your details via your MMA Account Portal or MMA mobile app. For residential and working address please email your updated address to [email protected].

To apply for life member , you can login into MMA's mobile app or Membership portal and click upgrade to life member. Payment can be made through membership portal and MMA mobile app. You can opt for full or instalment payment plans for life membership.

Any change in the membership status in a branch should be notified in writing to the Honorary General Secretary before 28th February of that year. Any notification after that date shall take effect from the 1st of January of the following year. Failing which, those who change their place of work or residence in a state will remain in the current branch until 1st January of the following year.

Members are given two months grace period after the expiry date. However, it is advisable to renew once they receive the 1st renewal reminder in December.
If any member fail to pay subscription for any year and this failure shall persist on the 28th of February of that year, that member shall cease to enjoy all the benefits and privileges available to or enjoyed by members in benefit immediately and his name shall be removed from the Electoral Roll and he shall not be eligible to attend or vote or stand for office at any meetings of the Association, its Branches, Sections and Societies.

“Electoral Roll” means a Register of Ordinary Members who have paid the annual subscription before February 28, Life members and Exempt Members. Only members in Electoral Roll are eligible to vote or stand for office at any meetings of the Association, its Branches, Sections and Societies.


PPS Stand for Private Practitioners Section.

PPSMMA is a section whose responsibility is to champion issues affecting private medical doctors.

For the moment, the PPSMMA Chairman is reachable via email at [email protected]. Please send your enquiries/complaints to this email address.

Mr Anthony is the PIC for the IHeed courses (New course intake). He is reachable via email at [email protected]. Please also keep us in the loop at [email protected].

PPSMMA Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Private Sector Medical Doctors in benefit (active duty).

PPSMMA is a section whose responsibility is to champion issues affecting private medical doctors.

Other Matters

Please address your issues in writing to the PPSMMA Chairman and email it to [email protected].


Please ensure the below details are included in the letter:

a) Full Name as per IC.
b) IC Number.
c) Email address.
d) Conatct Number.
e) Nature of the Complaint.
 f) Any supporting documents as proof.
g) The letter must be signed by the complaint.

Kindly follow the steps below to write an offical letter addressed to the Honorary General Secretary and send it by hand or via post to the following address:


Malaysian Medical Association
4th Floor, MMA House
124 Jalan Pahang
53000 Kuala Lumpur


Alternatively email to the Honorary General Secretary at [email protected]



SCHOMOS stands for Section Concerning House Officers, Medical Officers and Specialists.

SCHOMOS is a section whose responsibility is to champion issues affecting government doctors.

For any inquiries or issues pertaining to government doctors, please drop us an email at [email protected].

SCHOMOS Annual General Meeting (AGM)

MMA members in benefit (active MMA membership), and are currently working under the government sector.

Government Medical Doctors in benefit (active duty).

Can. As stated in the Perkeliling Perkhidmatan Bil 21 Tahun 1973; ”A member of an Association can request for unrecorded leave to attend the Association’s/Society’s Annual Meeting. However, it is still subject to the HOD’s approval.”

You may send your request to [email protected] by providing your full name, working address with your superior’s (HOD’s or Hospital Director’s) name.

Other Matters(AGM)

Please drop an email to [email protected]. The SCHOMOS staff will forward the Inquiries to the SCHOMOS chairman.

To get further information on these events, kindly email your queries to the following email address: [email protected] OR call 0340411375 ext. 113.

Please address your issues in writing to the SCHOMOS Chairman and email it to [email protected].


Kindly visit the following link for more information and to purchase the license :

There is no hard copy available.  Only soft copy is being sold online and have to purchase the licence. It only being sold to hospitals, MCOs and Insurance company.

It is one-time payment and the material is soft copy of MMA MPSN and Schedule of Relative Value (5th Edition) in Excel format. The licence to use the schedule is valid until the next edition (6th Edition) is published.

Each licensed hospital must purchase the MPSN licence separately.

You are required to fill up the online form for us to issue an invoice.

The MMA MPSN 5th Edition can be used.  The MOH Medical Practice had allowed the use of the 5th Edition in a letter dated 8th November 2019 and the use has now been further extended till further notice in a letter from MOH dated 19 October 2020. 


However, please be advised that the use of MMA MPSN 5th Edition is subject to copyright law and a licence must be purchased from MMA if you wish to use it.  The letter to this effect has been sent to all stake holders both by MOH and the MMA.

There is no provision for telephone consultation either in the 4th or 5th Edition of the MMA Fee Schedule.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) has allowed the use of the 5th Edition of the MMA MPSN (Fee Schedule) if a procedure is not found in the 13th Schedule of PHFSA.  It is mandatory for the hospital to purchase the licence in order to use the 5th Edition of the MMA MPSN.  The MMA MPSN (5th Edition) is an Intellectual Property with copy right protection.

Make sure your username/email and password are correct.

The MMA MPSN 5th Edition 2020 V2.0 can be used for those procedures that are NOT in the Amended 13th Schedule (2013).   The MOH Medical Practice had allowed the use of the 5th Edition in a letter dated 8th November 2019 and the use has now been further extended till further notice in a letter from MOH dated 19 October 2020. 

The MPSN schedule was originally published in 2008 as MMA Fee Schedule 5th Edition.  The College of Physicians gave input for the revision of the earlier 4th Edition (2002) to produce the 5th Edition.  I am not aware if a nephrologist was involved.  The current MPSN 2020 Edition is virtually the same as the 5th Edition with the addition of procedures that were approved by the Medical Practice Division of MOH after 2013.


All doctors must use the Schedule 13 of the PHFSA (AMENDED VERSION 2013) and if any procedure is not in this Schedule then the MPSN Schedule must be used.  If a procedure is not found in the MPSN Schedule, the doctors can write to the MOH for the new procedures to be added.

This is the same as the MMA Fee Schedule 5th Edition (2008) which has been renamed now as MPSN 5th Edition. This revised version has new code numbers which were not in the previous version. This facilitate uniform reporting of services provided by all healthcare providers and for verification and payments by the payors. The 5th Edition has been approved for use by healthcare providers by MOH.  


This version is being distributed online in Excel format for easy incorporation into your existing information system. The licence is valid until the next edition of MPSN is published and also regularises the use of the MMA Fee schedule and the Codes that would have been used before without authorisation.

a) Which one should be used? 

You should use the PHFSA Regulations, Schedule 13 (revised) 2013 table as this fee schedule was approved by the Ministry of Health (MOH).


b) The revised 2013 is lower fee than 2008, mention on introduction that increased fee due to inflation?! Why it wasn't increased? Is there any or what method of calculations available to compensate this inflation? 

The 2008 table was what MMA had proposed in the beginning. However, the fees were amended downwards by the MOH in 2013 by giving a raise of 14.4% from the 2002 (MMA Schedule of Fees, 4th Edition) fees. 

This was a unilateral decision by the then Minister of Health, Dato’ Sri Liow Tiong Lai. MMA protested the unilateral decision by the minister.

Please note that after implementation of PHFSA in 2006,  all fees are now subject to approval by MOH. 

The MMA MPSN (5th Edition) has been approved by MOH and the insurance companies are aware about it.

Please use the 13th Schedule for Consultation fees.   

You must continue to use the 13th Schedule for procedures stated in it and use MMA MPSN (5th Edition) only for procedures that are not in the 13th Schedule. 


Kindly drop an email to [email protected] to request for the forms.

It will take about 6 months from the date of submission, if there are no major issues with the article. You may drop an email to [email protected] to inquire on the exact status of the article.

Kindly be informed that the MJM processing fee is based on three (3) categories stated below:

  1. MMA Member - RM 400.00
  2. Local Non - Member - RM 600.00
  3. Overseas - USD 250.00

NOTE: The MJM Article Processing Charge (APC) is a non-refundable administrative fee. Payment of the APC does not guarantee acceptance of the manuscript. When the MJM APC has been successfully processed and received, the articles are then sent to the reviewers.

You may use any format for the cover letter. However, if you need further assistance, kindly drop us an email at [email protected] to request for our version of the cover letter.

Berita MMA

Kindly log in to MMA website by using your IC number (without hyphen) as your username and password.

If you are still unable to log in, kindly email our IT Secretariat at [email protected] and provide them with your IC and telephone number.

To contribute an article(s), you need to be a member of MMA. Kindly email your article in Microsoft Word format to the Editor of Berita MMA at [email protected], for review.

The advertisement rates vary according to the size. Kindly email to [email protected] for us to provide you with the advertisement rates.

Berita MMA hard copy will reach the member approximately on the 15th of every month.


MEDEFEND Medical Indemnity is a coverage specifically to protect medical practitioners for any claims/potential claims of actual or alleged acts of negligence relating to and/or arising out of their medical professional services. The primary objective is to pay for any loss or damages and defence costs from the medical negligence claims/potential claims (subject to Policy/Certificate terms and conditions).

Apart from the compulsory legal requirement, medical indemnity coverage should be part of any medical practitioners’ overall risk management philosophy. Medical indemnity coverage is meant to be the last line of defence to protect the practitioner in the event of an adverse medical incident.

Marsh Specialty as the brokers managing MEDEFEND Indemnity Scheme is responsible for handling new applications and renewals, general inquiries, negotiating the terms and conditions of the policy, and most importantly the claims management.

Marsh Specialty, with vast experience in managing professional indemnity schemes will strive to ensure that the members’ interest will be its utmost priority under the Scheme. A dedicated Claims Team consisting of former practicing lawyers will ensure that medico-legal claims and notifications from members will be handled competently and professionally. It is the intention of Marsh to bring the members a fresh, value-added approach to insurance whilst maintaining competitive but stable premiums.

You need MEDEFEND because it is a compulsory requirement for all Registered Medical Practitioners (“RMP”s) to have Medical Indemnity and 20 CPD points for their Annual Practicing Certificate (“APC”) application. The Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) stated that the compulsory requirement for a medical indemnity coverage for APC application only applies to:

  • Fulltime Private RMPs
  • Government RMPs who do Locum work in private practice

Please refer to the 2012 Amendments to the Medical Act 1971 (“the Act”):

Amendment of Section 20
Section 20 of the Act is amended –

(a) by substituting for subsection (1) the following subsection:
   “(1) Any fully registered person who desires to practise as a medical practitioner after the thirty-first day of December of any year and who produces evidence of having satisfied any requirements or restrictions stipulated by the Council shall, not later than the first day of December of that year, make an application in the prescribed form, produce evidence of professional indemnity cover and pay the prescribed fee for a certificate to practise as a medical practitioner during the ensuing year.”

There is no direct “one-size-fits-all rule” answer in determining an appropriate Limit of Indemnity coverage. It depends on the Specialty and the categories under MEDEFEND. Our recommendation would be:

  • General Practitioners (GP) and Low Risk (between RM1 million to RM3 million)
  • Medium Risk (between RM3 million to RM5 million)
  • High Risk (between RM5 million to RM30 million).

It also depends on the size of the practice and the doctor’s risk profile. Kindly contact us to discuss if you are unsure.

Yes, if you are a practicing doctor under MOH Hospital/ Clinic you are strongly advised to have MEDEFEND. It provides you with a legal representation/lawyer, and the costs will be paid by the Insurer/ Takaful Operator in the event of any regulatory investigation claims and/or MMC Inquiry. MOH will not provide you with any lawyer should there be any regulatory investigation hearings and/or MMC Inquiry filed against you.

Yes, you must have MEDEFEND cover as it is compulsory under the Medical Act as you do locum work. (This relates to the answer for No. 3)

Please check with your University and/or MMC if you are indemnified by the Government. This also relates to the compulsory requirement for APC application.

Yes, it is compulsory for you to obtain a medical indemnity coverage as per the Medical Act. (This relates to the answer for No.3)

If your work is purely as an academician, you may wish to apply MEDEFEND under the ‘Non-Clinical Doctor’ category. This is to fulfil the compulsory requirement for your APC application. It is advisable for you to check with your University if they have a separate Educators Liability cover.

Yes, you will need to apply for MEDEFEND coverage in order fulfil the compulsory requirement for your APC application. (This relates to the answer for No. 3).

You can apply MEDEFEND under the ‘Non-Clinical Doctor’ category (RM380 annually) in order for you to satisfy the compulsory requirement for APC application. Please be mindful that under this category, there is no coverage for claims arising from your past medical practice.

If you are doing voluntary medical service outside MOH, you are advised to apply MEDEFEND to protect your voluntary work.

Yes, MEDEFEND provides coverage under Good Samaritan act. It means that coverage is extended for a doctor who is a bystander providing emergency medical situation. This includes medical crisis, disaster or catastrophe. As long as there is no formal Doctor-Patient Relationship, without any monetary benefit. This cover is worldwide excluding Iran and any countries sanctioned by the United Nations, European Union, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Japan and United States of America.

MEDEFEND is an individual medical indemnity for doctors and exclude coverage as a PIC. If you are the PIC in your Hospital, please get confirmation that the Hospital has a Medical Liability cover. This will protect your position as the PIC.

If you own a medical practice, you must have a separate Clinic/Entity Medical Liability cover. Such policy provides cover for your clinic and/or employees (including nurses) in the event of a medical negligence claim against them separately or collectively. It is not included in the MEDEFEND indemnity cover. For the doctors, they will need to subscribe MEDEFEND individually. (This relates to the answer for No. 3).?

Yes, you are covered under MEDEFEND for any allegation against your nurse/ locum doctor. Please ensure that your nurse is covered under Clinic Liability and the locum doctor has his own MEDEFEND coverage.

Our online application has a payment gateway where you can make payment by credit card, debit card or online transfer.

MEDEFEND is a Claims-made policy that provides Full Retroactive Cover with no additional premium. What it means is that you get full backdate cover for all your past medical treatments PROVIDED the new claim/potential claim arises AFTER you signed up with MEDEFEND (refer to Scenario A below)

However, if you are from an Occurrence-based provider, your retroactive/backdate cover starts from the policy date when you first join MEDEFEND (refer to Scenario B below).

Scenario A: Change from Claims-made policy to MEDEFEND

  • 2018: Treated Patient A (with XX)
  • 2021 January: Sign up with MEDEFEND
  • 2021 December: You receive a complaint letter (new awareness) from Patient A arising from the treatment in 2018. You notify Marsh of the potential claim – it is covered under MEDEFEND (subject to policy terms & conditions)

Scenario B: Change from Occurrence-based provider to MEDEFEND

  • 2018: Treated patient A (with Occurrence-based cover provider)
  • 2021 January: Sign up with MEDEFEND

2021 December: You receive a complaint letter (new awareness) from patient A arising from the treatment in 2018. You notify Marsh of the potential claim – it is covered under the Occurrence-based and we will advise you to notify your previous provider (with Occurrence-based cover provider)

MEDEFEND is a Claims-made policy. It means if there is a new claim/ potential claim (Circumstance) being made against you, MEDEFEND will provide coverage as long as you have an active MEDEFEND policy.

Example: 3.3.2021 you receive a claim and you notify MEDEFEND. Your active MEDEFEND policy is from 1.1.2021 – 31.12.2021.

Under the Claims-made policy, it is important for you to notify MEDEFEND immediately once you are aware of a claim/ circumstance.
A Claim includes:

  • A letter of demand
  • A writ from court.

A Circumstance includes:

  • Lawyer/ Patient request for medical records/ report relating to a complaint
  • Verbal or written complaint from a patient
  • Grievance meeting
  • Investigation from MOH/MMC/MDC

An occurrence-based indemnity gives you cover for claims/ circumstance arising from a medical incident within the period when you were with the indemnity provider regardless of when you notify the claim/ circumstance (when you are made aware of it).


  • 2018: Treated patient A (you were with Occurrence-based provider)
  • 2021 January : Switched to MEDEFEND and policy is from 1.1.2021 – 31.12.2021
  • 2021 December: You receive a claim against you by Patient A and you notify MEDEFEND.

There is no coverage under MEDEFEND as the claim arises from a treatment that you gave in 2018 while you were with the Occurrence-based provider. We will advise you notify the said provider.

If you have an existing court case with XX, they will continue to defend you even after you have changed to MEDEFEND. Under claims-made policy, you notify MEDEFEND for any new awareness of a claim or circumstance. If you have an existing notification with XX, they must continue handling the claim for you even if you have changed to MEDEFEND.

If you have an existing circumstance (potential claim) with XX, the same rule applies. If the circumstance developed into a suit in the future, you need to inform XX so they can appoint a lawyer to defend you in court. This is because the first notification (awareness) was made with XX.

The Insurer for MEDEFEND is Pacific & Orient Insurance Co. Berhad (P&O). The Takaful Operator for MEDEFEND Takaful is Etiqa General Takaful Berhad (EGTB).

The rates and coverage are the same for both MEDEFEND and MEDEFEND Takaful. The only difference is that MEDEFEND Takaful is Shariah compliant and underwritten by EGTB.
The same MEDEFEND team and Claims Management will handle both MEDEFEND and MEDEFEND Takaful.



Any client requested for RTK Ag testing except those considered high risk:

● Person under investigation (PUI)

● Close contacts with positive COVID-19 patients

All results need to be key-in into SIMKA. However, those who fit the case definition for patients under investigation (PUI), probable and confirmed case required to be notified to the nearest District Health Office (DHO). Case definition for COVID-19; Annex 1, Guideline on COVID-19 case in Malaysia version 05/2020

  1. Ask the patient to wait at designated area
  2. Proceed with the test, all results ( positive or negative) must be keyed in in SIMKA
  • If RTK Ag is positive, notify PKD, send the leftover buffer solution (labelled with name and IC no) to hospital's laboratory where the positive subject is referred to. The lid of the buffer tube must be sealed with parafilm and placed in biohazard bag and packed in triple packaging, and send on ice 2°c - 8°c - the package must be closed with a referral letter (Annex 4c)
  • If RTK Ag test is negative, discard the test kit in clinical waste accordingly

It is advisable not to swab those with high-risk criteria. In highly suspicious patient, please contact nearest PKD

Yes, you may after having their consent as long as they are not considered high risk

Swab could at private facilities for any client request to be tested, except those who have been identified as:

  • Close contact to the confirmed case
  • Patient Under Investigation (PUI)

However, for those who are going to travel to other countries, kindly please check the test requirement in the respective country, whether the result of RTK-Ag is accepted.


The doctor should wear full PPEs; Isolation gown, disposable apron, face shield, double golves, N95 respirator and shoe covers.

Yes, if it is feasible and the doctor is well trained.

Refer to the Garis Panduan Menggunakan Kit Ujian Pantas (RTK-Ag) Bagi Covid-19 Di Sektor Swasta (Kriteria Fasiliti Swasta)

Donning and doffing of PPE should be conducted at a separated area. Donning of PPE is performed at designated clean area while doffing area is performed at designated dirty area. Separation of the area can be done using physical or administrative approaches.

Swabbing and test procedure should be performed in a dedicated room or booth that has good ventilation.


If done in a special room, it should have medical ventilation exhaust fan or the like where the outflow of air from the room is away from patients and the public to a safe area

Health-care workers who collect or transport clinical specimens should adhere rigorously to Standard Precautions, including wearing appropriate PPE. (refer to Annex 8)

If the RTK Ag tests to be conducted in other facilities, swabs must be placed in leak-proof sterile container (not VTM), in triple packaging, while maintaining the temperature at 2-8c and send as soon as possible not more than 4 hours upon taking the swabs.

Refer to Section A, Question 3.

Clinical waste is classified as scheduled waste under the Environmental Quality (Scheduled Wastes) Regulations, 2005. Clinical wastes should be segregated at the source and deposited only in biohazard sharp bins for sharps item. All clinical waste must be collected and carried out by licensed transporter approved by the Department of Environment for incineration.


Usage of biosafety cabinet equipment is highly recommended in GP clinic for RTK-Ag testing. However, if the GPs are unable to procure the equipment, they may conduct the testing in compliance with the requirements stated in the guideline.
(Refer to guideline)

Swabbing and testing procedures should be performed in a dedicated room or booth with good ventilation.


If the procedures are performed in a special room, it should be fitted with mechanical ventilation system such as an exhaust fan which directs the outflow of air from the room away from patients and the public to a safe area.

A registered medical practitioner for sampling must attend and certified in the Sample Taking and Handling Training for COVID-19 for General Practitioners and Paramedics from Private Health Facilities issued by the Family Health Development Division, MOH or State/ Federal Health Department


For RTK-Ag testing, the operator must be a registered medical practitioner or medical laboratory technologist who has been trained to conduct tests by the RTK-Ag kit suppliers. Alternatively, training can also given by a registered Pathologist/ trained Science Officer.

It is recommended for hands-on training from the supplier with proof of training (certificate or attendance) provided.

Any person who wish to import and/or supply COVID-19 test kits need to notify MDA and obtain a "no restriction" letter from MDA before importing and/or supplying the test kits.

Under the Medical Device (Exemption) Order “special access medical device” means a medical device for the use of medical practitioners in emergency situations or in the event that conventional medical treatment has failed, is unavailable or unsuitable. Importation and/or supply of such medical device is exempted from the requirement for registration under section 5 of Medical Device Act 2012 (Act 737). However, any person who wishes to import and/or supply special access medical device needs to notify and obtain “no restriction letter” from MDA.


The GP has to follow all recommendations given on managing cases on a day to day basis. In the event of a positive case, an officer from the District Health Office will come to do an assessment of exposure and determine if there is any close conctact and if quarantine is needed. In the event infection control measures were not followed, there may be a need for quarantine.

As above

As above

The clinic only needs to be disinfected and can function as normal with alternative staff

Follow all recommended procedures on infection control while managing patients and when carrying out testing


No. RTK Antibody test should not be used as a diagnostic tool, it is only used for seroprevalence purpose. From the current KKM guideline, apart from surveillance study, RTK Antibody test is done on Day 13 for PUI/PUS who had the first swab test negative on Day 1.