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Membership Application form to join Koperasi Persatuan Perubatan Malaysia Berhad. More information here
  • The Koperasi Persatuan Perubatan Malaysia Berhad received its registration certificate in March 2017.
  • The membership is only for MMA Members in benefit only.
  • The objective  is to create an opportunity for members of MMA to participate in the business of healthcare .
  • We are looking into healthcare applications at the moment and the disruptive technologies .
  • We can’t promise any returns at the moment.
  • The funds are deposited into the Koperasi Bank Account.
  • The maximum shared allowed per individual under the undang-undang kecil Koperasi is  RM10k per member.Please hesitate to contact [email protected] if you have further queries
  • MIMS
  • MTS