Society Of Malaysian Medical Association Medical Students

SMMAMS (Society of Malaysian Medical Association Medical Students) is a medical student organization under the Malaysian Medical Association (MMA). SMMAMS was established in the year 1999. Previously known as the MMSA (Malaysian Medical Student Association), SMMAMS was initially an organization by its own until it was adopted by the Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) in year 2002.  Since the adoption, SMMAMS became known as the Society of Malaysian Medical Association Medical Students (SMMAMS) and remains so until present times.

SMMAMS serves as the platform to represent medical students from around the country and ensure their participation to activities pertaining to medical students’ affair. This is to keep abreast with the medical world and prepare our students to face the competitive medical profession. The mission and objectives of SMMAMS are as follows.


  • To be the medical students’ leading voice to strive for the betterment of medical graduates, advancing health care and advocating for the future of medicine in Malaysia.


  • To be the advocate of Malaysian medical students on issues pertaining to medical student’s affair.
  • To advance issues of medical education, community service, ethics and health policy
  • To be the principal source for obtaining and disseminating information for medical students regarding medical education
  • To be a vibrant organization that provides values and social activities for its medical student members.
  • To create a close-knit community among the medical students and build the spirit of goodwill and friendship through events and activities.
  • To strive for the betterment of medical graduates